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hiei X kurama

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Kurama x Hiei Fans!!! [04 Oct 2017|12:08am]

Kiss Me Kurama <>

Still Active? [21 Sep 2009|01:12am]

I was just wondering if this community is still active or did it change to a new Hiei/Kurama community?
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[22 Oct 2008|11:11pm]

Hiya. I'm a Hiei player looking for a Kurama player. I want to plot very slowly and carefully with them, and make it very in character. All I ask is that you are over 18 and possibly into some crazy stuff, as I can RP anything and everything.

You can reach me on the screenname I have in my profile. Please IM me there! Thanks!
Kiss Me Kurama <>

[FIC] Kurama 1/? [25 Sep 2008|03:56pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Kurama
Author: Kleptomaniac Can Opener
Next Chapter: NOT POSTED YET
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hiei x Kurama
Disclaimer: Yoshihiro Togashi owns Yu Yu Hakusho, not me. I’m just a fan.

Summary: They have never spoken, yet one event has caused their paths to join.

NOTES: This fic is heavy AU. I haven’t seen the series in a while and my manga is still packed in a box from moving. XD I remember their personalities well enough though.
Also for [Prompt #013 – Shades of Gray]
[Prompt #017 – Eyes like liquid ice]
[Prompt #132 – Shifting shadows]
[Prompt #160 – Weeping Willow]
[Prompt #176 – For more info, contact us at...] at Literati Perverati.

Also posted: AdultFanfiction.net, Yaoi Gallery
(R and NC-17 fics are friend-locked. Friending doesn't need permission! :D)

~*~First Tail: Crossing the Line~*~

( Step out of the light and into the dark )

Kiss Me Kurama <>

Can you find it? [23 Sep 2008|09:55pm]

I thought it was somewhere in with the fics provided by the last post, but I can't find it. Don't remember the title, but it was on fanfiction.net. Nothing graphic, just an angsty conversation between a very pissed Kurama and an mpreg Hiei trying to hide and possibly get an abortion. Just curious where it went. I think the setting is the Koorime Island, or at least the mountains. Thanks!
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New Member [24 Aug 2008|02:47am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello I just joined this comm. I've been a fan of YYH since it first aired on toonami and HieiKurama was my first yaoi pairing ^_^

I've been slowly trying to get back into the pairing, but I haven't been able to find any good fics...does anyone have any recs? And does anyone know where I could find any of Sandy Youko's fics? (I haven't read them in years and would love to re-read them) 

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Fanfic: As the Crow Flies [19 Apr 2008|10:33pm]

Title: As The Crow Flies
Author/Artist: DarkMignonette
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight violence and language
Disclaimer: Hiei, Kurama and Karasu(c)Yoshihiro Togashi, not moi. Don't own the lyrics to Haunted(c)Evanescence, either.
Summary: Horrid dreams plague Kurama night after night, and he can't help but feel cursed by a long dead enemy. Is Karasu really there? Will Hiei be able to solve the problem? Oneshot, kinda vignette.

I'll be right here.Collapse )
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[01 Dec 2006|01:09am]

I have a few more doujin, cards, and lots of pencil boards for YYH up for grabs if anyone is interested! Check it out by clicking the link: http://community.livejournal.com/garagesalejapan/4088687.html

Kiss Me Kurama <>

Yu Yu Hakusho Yaoi Doujinshi for Sale [10 Nov 2006|11:23pm]

Got just a few YYH Doujin for sale. For more details and cover scans Click the link!Collapse )
Kiss Me Kurama <>

[18 Apr 2006|01:17am]

Does any one happen to know what happened to the fan fiction site Sans Enigma Yuu Yuu Hakusho? It was in my favorites because it had several stories that I really loved but the link no longer works. I don't suppose anyone knows if it has been moved? :(
Kiss Me Kurama <>

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